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Lean back in your chair and end your day feeling great. LowPolis is a city-building game with strategy and management elements. Friendly pace and balanced learning curve make it great when you need a break or a chillout moment after playing fast-paced games. Neat lowpoly graphics look nice and make the game run smooth even on fairly modest computers!

Expand your city, provide anything your citizens need, and progress to the next level. Download below and chill!

Current features:

  •  Building/destruction
  •  Double-tiered construction system
  •  Tiered production (resources and manufactured goods)
  •  Citizen needs and happiness
  •  Tax management
  •  Rampant fires and disease
  •  Simple environment-forming 
  •  Battle mode with units operating in formations

Incoming features:

  •  Simulation of neighbouring cities
  •  Trade mechanics between player and computer
  •  Random events
  •  Tier III structures and citizens

Follow us at:
– Twitter: @BroWarColl
– Facebook: LowPolis

Stay tuned for updates!


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Yes! it like me, but I need save option

Hello Xarden, it will be there in the next update! It is going to take a bit before we bring it to the public though.


great so far... save game option needed


is it possible to save? great game by the way


Thanks, we've been trying hard to make it great!

Saves should be available in the next update. (A few weeks from now).


literally the best and acerted name i've ever seen


I apsolutely love this game! Pretty much the best city builder I ever came across. I was just wondering when will you release the full game? 


Hello Monjize, thanks for an appreciative comment! We still wonder ourselves what's so captivating in LowPolis.

Speaking of the release date, we wish we could launch the game by the end of 2020, yet we don't want to overboard with promises. Please treat that more like a general hint ;)

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Great! I am hoping to see many new features and possibly more maps and multiple save states. Also are you planning on releasing it on steam?


By the time of the release there will be a couple of new additions for sure!

We'd love to have LowPolis on Steam — more details on that in the future.


One problem, i can't acess "Mine" in my town range, that makes it impossible to complete the game


Hello, please use the storehouse to expand the borders of your city.


This game is brilliant! It's a game unlike any other I've tried so far. My mind is blown about it. Most city builders tend to be boring after a while. this of course has its exeption being a demo and not a completed game.

I really love the way that you can change the tax ratio, as well as the overall effect that it has on it. I love the way happiness is both represented in colours red to green, as well as numbers when you click on the houses.

I tried the battle demo as well, I like it, could use a few touches but those are more or less the npc behaviour and not the overall battle.

There are some minor issues, or rather annoyances, not that they aren't survivable, but they do tend to drag the pacing of the city Development.

1. The Wood seems to be gathered just a tick too slow. Like you have everything else build but you're in minus and all you need are houses, but you have to wait like 5 minutes for three lumberjacks to gather a total of 9 Wood.

2. The rocks could use a 0,9% gathering speed increase, not that I've ever really run out of rocks but it's going slow too.

3. There are some minor issues regarding the houses and their needs. I have noticed my houses degrading or just being overall unhappy because of lack of Water, even though I've placed a well right beside the houses, and yes, the well is within the storage house area.

4. I find some small issues in the transportation of wares, for example bread and Weavers, I am collecting it and have like 3 Buildings of each, but the storage doesn't seem to be filling up with the bread or clothes and so on. It's the Only ones I've noticed such a thing with.

NOTE: This has NOT affected how much I love the game and I how certain it is, I will continue to play it, because I will DEFINITELY keep playing this game!

Getting past the Issues, I have some general ideas towards further Development of the game.

1. Add a Building of each type, to every stage. Like, I would like to see a level 1 farm and not just a level 2, or instead of Only having a level 1 forester or lumberjack, add a level 2 design as well, of course level two has to be increasing the income of the product, as well as the cost of resources and maintance.

2. placement of the townhall would be lovely to have, instead of being stuck at the same place forever, I would like to be able to switch starting point, for example when you press new game, you go to a map screen at which you can choose a part of the World to start in, and then you can choose between 5 different starting Places in set part of the World.

3. I would love to see a tech tree, like where you can unlock wagons, so the npcs can carry more.

4. Designs, this is NOT a big wish but I wouldn't mind it, but the idea is that you can choose different Building designs for each stage, like whether you want all normal Wood houses or houses with round roofs, long houses, manors, different kinds of farms, like small farm house and big field, this will require a house beside it but it produces more wheat, where the opposite would be big farm house and small field which makes place for 10 people and adds to income via taxes but produces less wheat. 

I don't have more time for writing now BUT I'll leave my email in case you want to hear more because I have SO MANY different ideas for the game, of course, the game is yours and so it's your decision!

Email: eugenevangkjr@gmail.com


Hello Jytte!

We’re always happy to read that someone enjoyed the game! Thanks for elaborate feedback too! The team puts a lot of effort to improve LowPolis.

When it comes to game balance, we try to adjust resource use regularly. Still looking for the optimal economy!

Some buildings will definitely have their advanced counterparts, although we don’t want to make it too complex. 

The map choice/town hall placement is something that we want to approach in a different way We’re going to give level design a closer look in the future.

Tech tree has been on our minds for a while but thanks for mentioning it. Seeing people interested in a game mechanic always helps us reconsider features.

The alternative designs thing sounds cool! We will seriously think about it.

LowPolis Discord server will be coming soon.  We’d love to discuss various directions the game could develop into. We’re looking forward to seeing you and the larger community participate there :D

Again, thanks for making us more aware & giving some hints!


I have lots of more ideas for the game, like more wildlife, blacksmiths, boats, transport convoys, I have so many ideas

I'd love to share them all with you but of course, you have your own ideas and might be too stressed to have time for it, but I'd really love to share it with you, support in any way possible if you want :)

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I absolutely love this game, But the first time I saw it on here, I pretty much thought "oh another city building game... but i might give it a try."

I am so glad that I tried it out, This is amazing, from the artstyle, to the mechanics, It's just too good (atleast by my standards) that it can't be described with words. But one thing I am constantly worrying about it becoming a paid game, Since I can't really find some interesting games on Itch.io which are free (and beacuse i'm a bum which is unable to spend money). And it really does lack a save feature, But I'm sure that'll be added sooner or later, Along with some, for example, raiding. Attacking Bandit encampments with your city's army.

Overall, It's amazing. Keep up the good work, This game has some incredible potential, And it deserves the attention it currently gets, And it deserves any future attention it gets. It is very slightly flawed, sure, But it will be fixed, I know that seeing that the people who made this knew how to make such a good game. And they will know how to improve it.


Hello, Lux!

We're really happy you liked it. Which mechanics did you enjoy the most?
The save feature is our next immediate priority. Also, please don't worry about the paid version.

Thanks for giving LowPolis a chance and dropping a comment!

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To answer the question of "Which mechanics did you enjoy the most", There's really no best mechanics, Every action feels satisfying, Expanding your city and making a literally making a metropolis step by step, And expansion is limited by the sort-of "range" the player's storages made. Which makes it fair, balanced and actually overall fun. Though I might aswell fit in some suggestions I forgot to post beforehand. For example, Ores, Abandoned cities (which you can pretty much integrate into your own), And new buildings, like Barracks buildings, Training bases and such army-based buildings. Which is not crucial, Again, Thanks for the content, And the enjoyable experience, And I wish you the best of luck with this game! And right, I am getting pretty annoying with these posts so I'll just stop interrupting the hard work. Once more (for the billionth time) Thank you for this new and fresh experience of a city-building game. (new and fresh to me, atleast.)

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Wonderful game so far. Excited about seeing it expanding. I really like the chill, low pressure pace. The learning curve is easy (I don't understand why people don't get how to place fisheries or balance storehouses/resources.)

I think one of the most charming factors is the "chill" factor. Please try to maintain that. I understand the necessity of random events and such, but please try to keep the great "chill, low pressure, feel great" feeling when it comes to playing this game.

Also, if there is a way to increase the build distance for the castle gate, walls, etc... that would be awesome. Having to build a road out and add storehouse every so often to increase the build distance in the many directions needed was quite tedious. 

Really enjoy it, but excited to see more content when you guys release it. 


Hello, inept!

Thank you for giving LowPolis some appreciation. We will care for the friendly pace & relaxing gameplay character. 

When it comes to fortification building experience, we are going to think how to make it better. Really thanks for sharing your feelings on that.


Bro, this game is really good, it looks amazing, and just wanna say good job too who ever made this


Thank you!

Can you save your progress on the paid version or is that not available at all?


The game is currently in development. We release it as a demo available for free with optional donations.

The save feature will be added in the near future.

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@rickfassuco We can't really answer the reviews directly, so I will do it here, I hope you can read it.

The full release and demo are going to have saves. We want to add it as soon as possible.


Any chance for Mac?

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We are building Mac version along with a new update in a week or two. Stay tuned! 


If I can specify - probably on Monday.


Honestly, it's not very often that I come on Itch randomly, but I have to say, I'm glad I did. I found this game this morning and had a little play around with it and I was pleasantly surprised. It's a work of art, loved everything from the Art style and the niche buildings (and tiered upgrades!) to the gameplay and the implementation of militarized features.

I can't wait to see the progress this game makes, I believe this could really make a dent in the city building genre. 

By the way, do you have a discord to keep up with development yet? I haven't been able to find one.


Hello Anthony!

Thank you for all these compliments. We just want to deliver great experience with LowPolis. The Discord is in the plans for the nearest future. Stay tuned!

Is This like early access or just a demo??


It's a demo meant to showcase core features. We made it available for free and keep adding to it.

Yet eventually, LowPolis is going to reach its release-ready state.


Great game with a lot of potential! Only have an hour or two in the game so far, but more to come. 

Just wanted to ask you devs if you have any plans for entering desirebility into the game? Example: If you build farms or industrial area too close to homes, you would loose happines. 

A hower menu over the Income icon to show what is making your economy plumit would be fairly nice to have. Example you have a negative income of 200. You hower over it and see that you are only getting a total of 180 gold in taxes of a maximum of 250. Or showing that fish industry is costing you 300 gold etc. 

Altso, if you are not aware of him, you should check out Raptor on youtube, who posted a great first look video of your game, and talking about making a series. (Link below) 

Keep the updates comming! Looking forward to follow this game in the years to come :) 



Hello HighLive, thanks for coming by to leave us a nice comment!

We planned to introduce desirability as a reward for citizen-friendly building patterns.
The income breakdown is something to be considered as a feature. Great suggestion!

And yes, we've been excited to watch that video minutes after it's been published.
Raptor has been hilarious to listen and entertaining to watch. :D

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Ok i'm done


It looks really good, I'm glad you found the right balance there!


yeah I changed browsers and then it appeared, thanks for the response!


Good to know, I hope you have enjoyed our game!


Part 2 here we go I am trying to achieve a good economy and I think i achieved as much as the game allows at the moment. 

Had a lot of fun with this game!

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Hello SGP! We've loved your series on LowPolis. Thank you again for promoting us in such way. The game will receive a content update with the new features soon. We do hope it will give more challenges to the gameplay.


Hi there, 

I followed the game and so when you release an update and will see what it's new and will stay tune to it. If I feel could make another video of the new content I most certainly will. 

Thank you for the making an awesome game have had a lot of fun with it . 


Looks like this can't be downloaded anymore! no download link it's GONE!

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Hmm, there is a green button "Download now" in the Download section, you can use it to access the game for Windows and Linux.


If you click the Download button will allow you to try the game for yourself its quite a lot of fun if you are into city builders.

Hope you get to try it.


how do i save i sometimes close out of the game and lose all my  progress


Hi Rebber, the saving system is not stable enough and as far as the game changes a lot we decided to disable it for demo version.


there is only the demo?


Yes, at now only demo is available to download and play, but we are working hard to release full version as soon as possible :)

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the game is really fun should add a sandbox mode


We thought about creative mode and have a lot of ideas for its design.  What do you exactly mean by sandbox mode? Do you have any suggestions about gameplay?


Or a story mode ? :)


Still quite a bit of content with more to come on it's way :)


Looks great! Are you planning a mac version?


Hello, the support for Mac version is coming and it is going to start from the next update (in about 2 to 3 weeks).



Having a lot of fun with this game I hope you are all enjoying it too. Look forward to see future updates and will follow it to make sure I am staying up to date I am keen to see what you are adding to it. Great indie game and devs.

Sorry for the misspelling on the intro card. I hope you add more content to it improve the graphics and that like others have said in the comment there is a path of development where we can see when new things are added. Discord would be good to. 

Thank you for creating an awesome game!


Hello SGP, we're striving to improve both LowPolis and communication, let's hope you'll like what's to come. Many thanks for featuring us on your channel and leaving some heart-warming things in the comment!


Hi Matek,

No problem its great to see such a great game being created and I love strategy and city builder games so I am keen to see what additions you will be making in the future ! Is there a campaign in mind? Or scenarios? Looking forward to see more.Discord seems like a good medium to get in touch with fans of the game also and to keep people in the loop but im sure you can do that brilliantly here also.



What we really want to achieve is a well-designed endless mode. Provided that our motivation to work on LowPolis stays as great in the distant future, creating a campaign sounds like an interesting challenge. Be sure that we will announce anything game-changing in the page info.

Thanks for the interest!


I hope you continue with the game development you have something great here :)

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I got a death-spiral from an unending barrage of "building is not serviced by a storehouse!"

I ended up building a new storehouse near the effected building each time this popped up, until I had waaaaaay too many storehouses, which didn't even stop that from happening.

Since it was my fisheries (and only my fisheries) complaining about this, it was the end of my city.

I have no idea why this happened.  Even before the first notice, I had, on paper, enough storehouses, and all were efficiently placed.

One minor thing is that I would like to be able to place road-needing buildings without roads.  This is how I think - I like to place buildings before the road network.  It made for a lot of switching back and forth.

Fun game!


Hello, dontnormally! What an unfortunate way to lose. If the conditions were satisfied (road connection, entrances facing the road, available worker etc.) it could've been a bug that wouldn't show up during our test plays. Let's hope that the issue doesn't happen to you again. We'll see to it as well before the update.

When it comes to overall building vs. road placement. It's been on our minds, and we're working on a solution that would allow free building and at the same time keep the need for road connection to make structures active.

Thanks for playing the game and coming here to drop a comment!


Really love this so far. This is just a suggestion, and it really depends more on your attitude toward this sort of thing, but do you plan on setting up a discord server? I know a number of free itch games do that, to better advertise the game and engage with the community around it.

Just wondering if that's on the roadmap at the moment.

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Hi, thank you for coming by! Discord definitely feels like a good way to connect with people. While we're positive about it our roadmap is somewhat tangled in between studies, work & LowPolis development. It is something we would love to use in the near future.

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So I've  played your game I really like it !
Here're my points :

+ The low poly design allowed the game to work really efficiently
+ The sound design is great
+ I liked the way our people evolve
+ The zoom system is good
+ Easy to understand

BUT there're few things that have no sense imo

- The warehouse system makes it too redondant, and build a level 2 warehouse is kind of useless.
> "If you want to expand, use a warehouse, people will be able to export their ressources" This is totally ok. But quite quickly it's more like "lay a building, build a warehouse" as our workers seems to not working for more than 2 buildings.

- The wells. It's just dumb. Why would people take water from the well to store it in the warehouse? It would be way more logic if our people only had to draw water from them instead. With a minimum amount of water for a defined number of buildings and services (like 1 well for 3 houses, 1 well for 1 house and 1 bakery...). Here it's just a non sense. Wells depend on warehouses.

Talking about wells, one time I had a pretty good balance like 1K water, everyone happy with tavern, church, bakery, a good income, etc. But my water level just dropped for no reason. So I had to lay several wells and it broke my balance, my income went to negative, so I had to build houses again, and I had not enough food, so I built
fisheries, and more bakeries, so I went to negative again.. At some point I just could'nt find any balance and it was the bankrut, because of... wells.

- Food. Food depends only of fisheries and bakeries when there're hunters and farms. More possibilities would be nice. Why are the hunters only hunting for animal skins? Why is there only one wheat farm ? A bit like the wells, at some point the food level go down, even if you are balanced, for no reason.

I played 10 hours or so. I really enjoyed it but, yes.. at some point I just wanted to give up because after trying different things it seemed that the only way to have a larger city was to build a city of warehouses and wells, with a S load of fisheries every 10m..


Hello Cenarone, thanks for sticking with LowPolis for 10h already! Every compliment on the game makes us happy. We also value suggestions & feedback — many thanks for that as well.

As far as water goes, we are aware that wells in their current state feel like an awkward thing. We’re still fiddling around that, but we’d love to keep water as a product to distribute it among people. It’s some serious early The Settlers nostalgia.

When it comes to Storehouses. Level 1 can serve 6 production buildings in a single moment, while level 2 can serve 9 at once. The real challenge here is to place them cleverly enough to make resource collecting as effective as possible. We wanted to add more building variety by introducing higher tier equivalents. It’s a matter of testing how much better these should be than the basic ones.

Eventually there are going to be more types of food. 

Again, thank you specially for writing an extensive comment on the game. LowPolis development has its direction, and we are moving the game to achieve more variety in the gameplay. Make sure to revisit the game every now and then!


Hello !

Thank you for replying.
As I said, regarding the "water logistics"  you can distribute it like so : 1 well for 3 houses, 1 well for 1 house and 1 bakery etc. Still a product, as people need to draw water from the well to get water. Clearly, using someone to draw water and store it inside a storehouse is a non-sense to me.

Talking about storehouses, I know how it works :)  As a huge fan of Anno and all the city builders in general I'm used to it. But here, there's something wrong. At some point there's no way to balance the economy with the number of people, services and storehouses. As I said it becomes a city of storehouses, fisheries and wells and it feels really redondant. 

I'm glad that you're working on adding more variety of food supplies and services it will add more fun to the gameplay !


Hey again!

LowPolis is regularly balanced with slight adjustments to resource costs and consumption. We are going to make every small effort to discover the “just fine” spot! :)


I loved the game!
1 - I like this kind of visual
2 - The possibility to zoom it's fun!
3 - The sound is perfect, so chill
4 - The english used is easy for non-english players (like me)

But if i can feedback:

1 - When pause the game, try to remove camera moviment. When I go to another window (like a browser), with 2 monitors, the game (paused) still run camera to the border of map without mouse on game
2 - Maybe you need to call hut as HOUSE, and describe better what it's do. I think only this confused me on the game. You combineted description box incame with happness with population in the same box. I don't know, I loss a bit time to understand that is the most important part of game
3 - The game don't show me how to evolute to level 2. Some times its fast, sometimes i dont get evoluted. I see on comments here how it's work, and only now it's make sense for me. It's can be write on the game on a description box over this button
4 - Try to add some minimalyst sound to HUD, like a hover on buttons and actions. Minimal sound.
5 - When camera is too far away from selected build, make camera jump a little fast to the place when "navigate to the place" action

Anyway man, i'm playing about 4 hours this game on debian 10 with mate and nvidia GPU. It's alot nice and alot fun! Great work man. If you need any help with web or linux dev/test, just say!


Hello Bruno! We're glad that you liked playing LowPolis. The comments you left are really important observations that need some simple changes. We are especially focused on adding more details regarding level 2 city upgrade. We will be addressing 1 and 5 in no time as well. Thank you both for your nice words and spot-on suggestions!


the water system is a little weird is there a way to keep the wells full that m not realizing


Yup, it's a bit confusing because there is no information on how it exactly works. We realize that, and we are going to change it in the next update. Wells are slightly different producers since they are maintained by storehouses. It means that when a worker goes to the well he spends a few seconds there getting water, and then he goes back to store it. Thank you for the feedback!


oh ok thanks for getting back to me and thank you for such a good game 

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Great game so far! After a few attempts at it I decided to try create a really big city. I started off by trying to make sure I had many villagers and food but I expanded fast and ended up 10,000 in debt. I then decided to close all my buildings and use the remaining resources to build buildings that would raise the happiness of my people so I could raise the tax and get enough money to get back into the positives. After that, I built slower (learning from my previous mistake) and I ended up making this:

(I couldn't capture the other two thirds of the city so it doesn't look that big)

Had a lot of fun playing this and can't wait to see how you develop this moving forward! One thing I'd like to ask about however is I don't quite get how city hall levelling works nor do I get how you get different types of residents. At one point one of my huts turned into a medieval house looking thing but then reverted back after being unhappy. It was a little unclear how the city hall levelled up (maybe I forgot something from the tutorial) or how the huts upgraded so how exactly does that work?


Nice attempt here! I am really happy to hear that you enjoyed your playthrough. Congrats on getting out of debt! 

As for how the city level works, all you have to do is to fulfill the needs of your citizens. If they are happy (over 90% of happiness) and the particular hut is full it will get upgraded to the next level. If it is the first-ever house to level up, it will unlock II level buildings together with that better looking City Hall. There is no III level yet, but we are working on it at the moment. We are going to add clearer in-game information about upgrading your city I know that currently, it may be confusing.

Thank you for trying LowPolis and leaving a comment.


I cant expand anything

(1 edit) (+2)

What do you mean? You can't expand your city's borders or you can't reach II level of civilians? 


i cant expand the boarder


You have to build a Storehouse.


Ive done that, nothing has expande.


nevermind ive got it no


very ugly men , addd somethin cute and adorable , why they keep showing men as ugly , that suspicious


LOL why are you so caught up in that?? And very unnecessarily subjective... it's a free game, geeze!

I really liked this game.
And it has great potential, although it is still under development
But is there a minus when you can save the game?

I'm glad you like our game. About saving system — it's not stable enough, the game changes a lot, so we decided to disable it for demo version.


is there any way i can save my progress then?


Unfortunately not yet, but we're going to introduce it as soon as possible. 


thank you  :)


I enjoy the game. It's surprising how much was put into this, from every aspect. The detail, the small town feels, it's all very cool.

However, there are many issues. Primarily with supply. I found that the fire is a massive burden in this game. I had a city growing, had just reached the 1000 person mark, and suddenly, the whole city is destroyed by fire. I had at least 1 well per every 5 homes. This obviously isn't intentional, but the wells just don't put out any water. I would put at least 3 wells to try and solve 1 fire, and by then, I had already lost several huts.

As soon as I got to level 2, my city was hit by a plague. This is annoying as I had no way to defend against it. It wasn't a matter of a few minutes, it was mere seconds after I leveled up. The house would change, and suddenly everyone's dead from a plague. This is very annoying as I don't get to address the actual city, I don't get to try and work on improving, I just get to watch my entire effort get wasted.

Another issue is the battle demo. I get it's just a demo, but it's terrible. Absolutely terrible. There's no way to strategically fight against the enemy. I tried to flank; failure. I tried rushing; failure. I tried luring small units; failure. The red team is too powerful. It's crushing and frankly insulting because no matter what happens, you can't win.

This game has great potential continuing forward. But it's a pain in the rear right now. Big waste of time to watch my city just crumble after an hour or more of playing in mere seconds.


Thank you for constructive feedback, I really appreciate it.

Many things are still in the “work in progress” stage, and we are sorry for these issues. However, here are a few tricks to optimize your experience:

  •  if you want to keep your wooden constructions safe remember to separate them with roads and keep a lot of water in storehouses
  • diseases problems are due to my mistake, I kept high illness risk from the test stage, sorry for that
  • actually battle demo is not that hard but you have to know a few things. Keep your archers safe, give orders in pause mode and try to guess which unit types are counters for one another

Nice game but there are some issues like i dont have a way to get to stone at level 1 so i end up in a dead end and when i restarted the game it kept me in the same no stone location.


There are two stone sources near City Hall building but you have to expand a little your city using Storehouse.  I will attach screenshot to clarify it.


I see... you might wanna add where to put it into your tutorial 


Yeah, I should highlight it or something. There is a stone icon in building mode but I see it is not enough. Thank you for sharing thoughts.


Really like the idea, tho I have one question. Is there a way to run it on Windows 32-bit? Wanna try it since I bought it but I didn't think about checking if it actually works in the first place :(

(2 edits) (+3)

Really sorry for that. Try now lowpolis-demo-win32 package. Thank you for your donation!


Thank you! But I come again with even different problem. The game crashes when I try to run it by using itch app. It shows me this aaaalll the time :( Also I copied the files so maybe you could help me somehow. I'm sorry for the problem!



Hm, first of all, ensure that you have the latest Graphics Card Drivers. If yes - try to reinstall them. You may check DirectX too. If the problem still appears please contact me via mail browar.collective@gmail.com. I will need crash.dmp file too, it is located in the same folder as the previous error.log file.

Deleted 318 days ago

It doesn't let me save and it crashes 30 minutes in the game. I really like the game and I wish it could be fleshed out more. Good work already though!

(3 edits) (+1)

Saving game is disabled because user interface isn't finished yet. Can you tell me what exactly happened before game crashed? Big FPS drop or something? Thanks for comment! New update is coming in 4 days. 


Yeah,  I placed an object an object and then it crashed. The fps marker was at 72 which is good for me when it crashed and things just froze. I'm happy that you are updating your game and I honestly can't wait for it!


Ach, thanks I will try to reproduce it.


The game has a good idea and it remembered me few other games.

But there are a few problems with the game:

1. Roads should be placed without multiple clicking. It should be like holding a mouse button and dragging over the map.

2. There is definitely too much resources at the beginning of the game (wood & stone) .

3. Also gold income/outcome is too fast. I spent too much time to build some houses and almost run out of gold. But when I built houses, the situation was opposite: I had way too much gold.

4. Warehouses (in my opinion) should have a bit larger influence range. They are quite a big buildings and I had to place them almost in every spot where I produced something.

5. There is a problem with CPU usage when you have some buildings. I had them about 40 and the FPS dropped to a very low value. I don't know why. Similar games haven't got such a problem and they are a bit more complex.

6. I can feel that there is no building-up sequence. That is something I miss here. It is rather optional and my "feeling" about the game.

7. The map... It is just the same and it contains some wall system. Next time consider removing such artefacts from release version ;) .

Hope you will build up the game! I really would like to see progress here! :)


Really thanks for comment.

1. I already changed it, now player can build multiple roads by holding mouse.

2. Yeah, I added all resources just for demo.

3. I will try to balance it.

4. Yup, I know this but in next update every building range will be different, all buildings (except storehouse) have square as range and I will change it.

6. Do you mean that there should be something like in Anno - first you can place only warehouse, lumberjack, house and fishery, after that game unlocks next buildings? 

7. This map is only for demo, in future I will add more predefined maps.

I made some fixes, e.g. selections system and buildings placement, in few days I will add it here. In 2/3 weeks will be optimization patch.  ;) 


6. Placement of basic resources, then the rest exists. You have 3 levels of buildings. I was rather thinking about something like in Settlers (or their remakes like Widelands): you place a building, then it is built and it takes a while. Then it can produce.
I know that this is very code-expensive part, but it is very pretty and from human position there is a progress of building up everything.
Of course it is only my opinion and it is not mandatory. Your game is good already :).


Ach, sure. I will think about it, I like this feature too.