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Lean back in your chair and end your day feeling great. LowPolis is a city-building game with strategy and management elements. Friendly pace and balanced learning curve make it great when you need a break or a chillout moment after playing fast-paced games. Neat lowpoly graphics look nice and make the game run smooth even on fairly modest computers!

Expand your city, provide anything your citizens need, and progress to the next level. Download below and chill!

Current features:

  •  Building/destruction
  •  Double-tiered construction system
  •  Tiered production (resources and manufactured goods)
  •  Citizen needs and happiness
  •  Tax management
  •  Rampant fires and disease
  •  Simple environment-forming 
  •  Battle mode with units operating in formations

Incoming features:

  •  Simulation of neighbouring cities
  •  Trade mechanics between player and computer
  •  Random events
  •  Tier III structures and citizens

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lowpolis-demo-win64.zip 111 MB

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I really liked this game.
And it has great potential, although it is still under development
But is there a minus when you can save the game?

I'm glad you like our game. About saving system — it's not stable enough, the game changes a lot, so we decided to disable it for demo version.

I enjoy the game. It's surprising how much was put into this, from every aspect. The detail, the small town feels, it's all very cool.

However, there are many issues. Primarily with supply. I found that the fire is a massive burden in this game. I had a city growing, had just reached the 1000 person mark, and suddenly, the whole city is destroyed by fire. I had at least 1 well per every 5 homes. This obviously isn't intentional, but the wells just don't put out any water. I would put at least 3 wells to try and solve 1 fire, and by then, I had already lost several huts.

As soon as I got to level 2, my city was hit by a plague. This is annoying as I had no way to defend against it. It wasn't a matter of a few minutes, it was mere seconds after I leveled up. The house would change, and suddenly everyone's dead from a plague. This is very annoying as I don't get to address the actual city, I don't get to try and work on improving, I just get to watch my entire effort get wasted.

Another issue is the battle demo. I get it's just a demo, but it's terrible. Absolutely terrible. There's no way to strategically fight against the enemy. I tried to flank; failure. I tried rushing; failure. I tried luring small units; failure. The red team is too powerful. It's crushing and frankly insulting because no matter what happens, you can't win.

This game has great potential continuing forward. But it's a pain in the rear right now. Big waste of time to watch my city just crumble after an hour or more of playing in mere seconds.

Thank you for constructive feedback, I really appreciate it.

Many things are still in the “work in progress” stage, and we are sorry for these issues. However, here are a few tricks to optimize your experience:

  •  if you want to keep your wooden constructions safe remember to separate them with roads and keep a lot of water in storehouses
  • diseases problems are due to my mistake, I kept high illness risk from the test stage, sorry for that
  • actually battle demo is not that hard but you have to know a few things. Keep your archers safe, give orders in pause mode and try to guess which unit types are counters for one another

Nice game but there are some issues like i dont have a way to get to stone at level 1 so i end up in a dead end and when i restarted the game it kept me in the same no stone location.

There are two stone sources near City Hall building but you have to expand a little your city using Storehouse.  I will attach screenshot to clarify it.

I see... you might wanna add where to put it into your tutorial 

Yeah, I should highlight it or something. There is a stone icon in building mode but I see it is not enough. Thank you for sharing thoughts.

Really like the idea, tho I have one question. Is there a way to run it on Windows 32-bit? Wanna try it since I bought it but I didn't think about checking if it actually works in the first place :(

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Really sorry for that. Try now lowpolis-demo-win32 package. Thank you for your donation!

Thank you! But I come again with even different problem. The game crashes when I try to run it by using itch app. It shows me this aaaalll the time :( Also I copied the files so maybe you could help me somehow. I'm sorry for the problem!



Hm, first of all, ensure that you have the latest Graphics Card Drivers. If yes - try to reinstall them. You may check DirectX too. If the problem still appears please contact me via mail browar.collective@gmail.com. I will need crash.dmp file too, it is located in the same folder as the previous error.log file.

Deleted post

It doesn't let me save and it crashes 30 minutes in the game. I really like the game and I wish it could be fleshed out more. Good work already though!

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Saving game is disabled because user interface isn't finished yet. Can you tell me what exactly happened before game crashed? Big FPS drop or something? Thanks for comment! New update is coming in 4 days. 

Yeah,  I placed an object an object and then it crashed. The fps marker was at 72 which is good for me when it crashed and things just froze. I'm happy that you are updating your game and I honestly can't wait for it!

Ach, thanks I will try to reproduce it.


The game has a good idea and it remembered me few other games.

But there are a few problems with the game:

1. Roads should be placed without multiple clicking. It should be like holding a mouse button and dragging over the map.

2. There is definitely too much resources at the beginning of the game (wood & stone) .

3. Also gold income/outcome is too fast. I spent too much time to build some houses and almost run out of gold. But when I built houses, the situation was opposite: I had way too much gold.

4. Warehouses (in my opinion) should have a bit larger influence range. They are quite a big buildings and I had to place them almost in every spot where I produced something.

5. There is a problem with CPU usage when you have some buildings. I had them about 40 and the FPS dropped to a very low value. I don't know why. Similar games haven't got such a problem and they are a bit more complex.

6. I can feel that there is no building-up sequence. That is something I miss here. It is rather optional and my "feeling" about the game.

7. The map... It is just the same and it contains some wall system. Next time consider removing such artefacts from release version ;) .

Hope you will build up the game! I really would like to see progress here! :)

Really thanks for comment.

1. I already changed it, now player can build multiple roads by holding mouse.

2. Yeah, I added all resources just for demo.

3. I will try to balance it.

4. Yup, I know this but in next update every building range will be different, all buildings (except storehouse) have square as range and I will change it.

6. Do you mean that there should be something like in Anno - first you can place only warehouse, lumberjack, house and fishery, after that game unlocks next buildings? 

7. This map is only for demo, in future I will add more predefined maps.

I made some fixes, e.g. selections system and buildings placement, in few days I will add it here. In 2/3 weeks will be optimization patch.  ;) 

6. Placement of basic resources, then the rest exists. You have 3 levels of buildings. I was rather thinking about something like in Settlers (or their remakes like Widelands): you place a building, then it is built and it takes a while. Then it can produce.
I know that this is very code-expensive part, but it is very pretty and from human position there is a progress of building up everything.
Of course it is only my opinion and it is not mandatory. Your game is good already :).

Ach, sure. I will think about it, I like this feature too.